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Welcome to GuangZhou Aoyou Technology Company Limited


Custom 2ml 10ml 30ml Clear Borosilicate Medical Glass Bottle

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  • Email: Service@aoyotech.net
  • Time: 2020-06-11 18:48

1. Our glass vial is made of low borosilicate glass and neutral borosilicate glass, it is the advanced and most commonly used kind of glass in China. Its water resistance can reach TYPE I level.


2Our glass vial production equipment is advanced in China and we have fully automatic inspection equipment, so our glass vial’s quality is reliable.


3. We can supply 2ml, 10ml and 30ml glass vial. Other sizes can also be customized.

         2ml glass vial ——16*35mm ;

         10ml glass vial ——24*455mm ;

         30ml glass vial ——30*75mm ;


4We have a complete set of certificates,such as ISO-15378, CE,ISO9001,ISO14001, EU ROHS.


5. We can also provide related supporting services, such as vial caps, rubber stoppers, silk screen printing, hot stamping and spraying.



QQ: 69023615

Phone: 08618122320930

Tel: 08618122320930

Email: 69023615

Add: Room C01,3/F,No.108 Ke yun Road,Tianhe District,GuangZhou, China

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